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Once upon a time, you were probably led to believe that adulthood is full of freedom, liberty, and absolutely no enforced bedtimes. You might have daydreamed about this world without rules without realizing what was in store for you.

For instance, you probably didn’t expect that one day you’d end up here, scouring the internet for information about the best wall mounted dehumidifiers instead of binging your favorite TV show.

Yet here you are. Might as well make the best of it!

Top 4 Picks for the Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Let’s dive into four reviews of the best wall mounted dehumidifiers to determine the best fit for you and your space.

We’ve sorted them from best to worst in our opinion, but keep in mind that the needs of your space could very well change that ordering.

1. Best Overall: IW-25 Energy Star Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

IW25 in-Wall Energy Star Mounted Dehumidifier removes 25 PPD for 1500 sq ft
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IW25 in-Wall Energy Star Mounted Dehumidifier removes 25 PPD for 1500 sq ft
  • 25 PINT 1500 SQ FT MOUNTED DEHUMIDIFER - The IW25 is a self-contained, energy efficient dehumidifier that can be installed permanently into interior walls. A single unit controls relative humidity for...
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – Created for everyday use the IW-25 can be installed directly into interior walls, designed to fit between 16” wall studs. Tank free; the unit drains directly into a hub drain...
  • EASY OPERATION - Powerful but quiet, operating at sound levels lower than 47 dBA effectively removing excessive moisture without sacrificing comfort or ambiance. Automatic restart after power...

The IW-25 Energy Start Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier is arguably the best in-wall dehumidifier on for a number of reasons. This dehumidifier is completely self-contained, and energy-efficient for spaces up to 1,500 square feet.

It can remove 27 pints of moisture per day, and since it is tank-free, collected liquid drains through existing plumbing, thereby eliminating any annoying need to continually empty a tank and discard collected water.

Despite its impressive moisture capturing capability, the IQ-25 is comparatively quiet! Overall sound levels are lower than 47 dBA.

Furthermore, it will automatically restart after any power interruption, making it a great “set and forget” option.

The IW-25 also isn’t nearly as expensive as many of the other wall-mounted dehumidifiers out there. That being said, it could also be considered pricey when compared to plain old portable dehumidifiers. However, if really cheap is your goal, check out the fourth unit we reviewed.

Weight-wise, the IW-25 comes in at 36 pounds, which is comparable to other options.

Specific Dehumidifier Details to Consider
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2. Most Powerful: Ebac AD-850-E Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Now keep in mind, the Ebac AD-850-E Dehumidifier is the priciest option we have here today, so if you’re looking for cheap, you may want to go back to the previous two. If you’re looking for power, however, keep on keeping on!

The Ebac AD-850-E is capable of removing an impressive 95 pints of humidity from the air per day. This is by far the largest and heaviest unit in our list, capable of collecting from spaces up to 1,700 square feet. It is a whopping 85 pounds!

With its size and power, however, you will pay in both dollar signs and noise level. This unit has a noise level of about 50 dBA, which is actually relatively quiet for its size and power but irritating for in-home use.

Largely due to its size, this dehumidifier is typically used as a heavy-duty, commercial dehumidifier rather than residentially. It is perfect for places such as spas or swimming pools, offices, hotels, museums, and more. If it’s what you need, then it’s ideal. If it’s not, then it’s overwhelming.

Specific Dehumidifier Details to Consider
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3. Best Aesthetics: Ultra Aire MD-33

The Ultra Aire MD-33 Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier comes in last and here’s why: this unit is more expensive than the first option without much to show for it other than a sleek design. (If design is your selling point, however, then, by all means, splurge!)

It could be considered noisy for its price at 46 dBA, but it is flexible in terms of spaces it works well in: both commercial and residential. The Ultra Aire suites single-family homes as well as hotels, condos, apartments, student housing, and more.

In ideal for spaces up to 1,200 square feet., this unit removes up to 33 pints per day. In case you’re not paying attention, that’s a greater collection but smaller space than the first dehumidifier in this list.

Specific Dehumidifier Details to Consider
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4. Best Budget: EcoAir DC-W10 Wall Mounted Dehumidifier with Charcoal Filter (UK only)

NOTE: This particular unit is only available in the UK.

The EcoAir DC-W10 Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier is a small dehumidifier perfect for a small space. It is also the least expensive option out of the ones we reviewed, as well as the smallest and most discreet mounted dehumidifier option.

It is, however, only available to those of you who reside in the UK.

This dehumidifier can be mounted or kept portable, giving you fast-acting control over indoor humidity. However, it does have a small tank with a capacity of about 4.2 pints.

Thankfully, it does have an option for continuous drainage with an included 6.5-foot hose for anyone who gets tired of emptying a tank.

It also has a unique removable, washable charcoal filter, helping to eliminate any air odors, and at 23 pounds, it’s lighter than the previous option. It’s also a little quieter at 42 dBA.

This unit is ideal as a laundry room or bathroom dehumidifier, or even as a dehumidifier for an apartment or office. However, since it’s so small, it wouldn’t do well in much larger spaces.

Specific Dehumidifier Details to Consider

How to Pick the Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Obviously, there are a lot of dehumidifier choices out there. Before you make a purchase, however, you want to clearly identify what problem/s you need your dehumidifier to solve.

As you likely know, dehumidifiers are designed to remove the excess moisture from the air. This reduces the humidity in a space, reducing the probability that mold will cause serious damage to a home or office, you likely know this, though.

The real question is, what problem do you specifically need a dehumidifier to solve?

What Problems Can an In-Wall Dehumidifier Solve for You?

Do you need a dehumidifier to provide allergy relief? Are you hoping it will reduce the likelihood of mold growth? Are you hoping to save some money on your air conditioning bill by creating dryer, cooler air?

How big is the space you need to dehumidify? Different sized rooms require different dehumidifiers and choosing the wrong one will be a waste of your unit if it’s too powerful or your money if it’s not powerful enough.

The current temperature and humidity levels of your indoor air also play a role. Do you need a unit that can handle high levels of humidity? Or do you plan only to use it in cold spaces?

Do you specifically need a dehumidifier to be wall-mounted to save space? Or for drainage conveniences? Or are you hoping it’ll be hefty and require less maintenance?

Which Is the Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier for You?

You’ve made it through!

Obviously, this wasn’t as fun as choosing wall paint or throw pillow color schemes, but hopefully you were able to determine the specific needs of your space anyway and narrow down a dehumidifier that works best for you!